Bicycle Ride

There once was a girl. She lived in a house of which she’d purchased with pride and disbelief. At the kitchen table they sat. Breakfast she’d prepared for her partner had been served. Their laptops were open to plans of their bright future together. They’d awoken to the desire for a bicycle ride. The governor … Continue reading Bicycle Ride

1210 Window Pane

There is nothing more fun to photograph than alley ways. Unless, of course, the alley way is covered in grafitti and cam be photographed through an old busted out window frame. This is also near one of my favorite places to eat in the entire Midwest. All the great feels come from this photo. The … Continue reading 1210 Window Pane

1200 Street Lamp

The partner and I are watching Taxi Driver. I have always loved this movie. It is Clarice Starling’s first encounter with a psychopathic worshiper. I also believe it laid the skeletal design for American Psycho. This theory is supported by both authors working together on a shark movie later in their careers.  The above image … Continue reading 1200 Street Lamp

1202 Red Tower

This picture feels like a prison. Or a sadistic adult version of Repunzle. I’m not quite sure which. I’m on the second episode of “Stranger Things.” I wonder if she feels like she’s trapped in this tower when he closes that closet door. I also wonder what the hell this tower is used for. It’s … Continue reading 1202 Red Tower

1204 Roof Floor

The roof that you are looking at was a tiny little dive restaurant in our small Midwestern town. It was a bit of a hidden gem that took me two years to discover. I wish I’d taken the time for more internal photographs and writing time. It was truly a gem. They have since purchased … Continue reading 1204 Roof Floor

1201 Taylor St

I absolutely love the little alley way that runs past Taylor street in out little Midwestern college town. It looks pretty dead in the winter, but it thrives in the summer.  The alley runs past a little pub that is the inspiration for “The Piglet” in my book. There is a new Cuban themed bar … Continue reading 1201 Taylor St

1180 Work Alley

Again, I'm sorry. Obsessed with alley ways!!! The sky in North Dakota seems to have  it’s own blue. Even on the couple of days it snowed the sky was a brilliant blue I’ve only ever seen in the ocean near Maui. I miss my time in both places. I wish I’d been much further into … Continue reading 1180 Work Alley

1188 Blue Sky

The structure featured in this photo is so large only the very top can be captured in a photograph from its base. Full photos, I’ve achieved, of the arch in St Louis have been acquired from several blocks away. I was quite impressed with this close up photo’s quality.  I long for the day I … Continue reading 1188 Blue Sky

1177 Ice Alley

Alley ways are beyond fun and intriguing. I’m not quite sure if I’ve told you this yet or not. Alley ways are one of my most favorite things to photograph. The partner and I are watching”Enemy at the Gates,” The partner selected it as a background movie for us to work to. I’ve got the … Continue reading 1177 Ice Alley

1175 Yield

Life tends to reach multiple yields, stops, and cross roads. I believe our strength comes from the way in which we get going again. It doesn't matter if life's events slow you down, switch your path, or stop you completely. The only important thing is how quickly you react and get going again. That's what … Continue reading 1175 Yield

1183 The Tower

I absolutely love this image. The windows all seemed to be trimmed in the color of oxidized copper. The brick itself resembles the color of an old penny. The purple hue to the sky and the maroon cloud above the American flag. And doesn't the tower look haunted? Simply gorgeous. The beagle and I watched … Continue reading 1183 The Tower

1170 Painted Alley

There may not have been much to explore in North Dakota. But, the downtown alley ways were gorgeous. Most of the buildings were strange small business, very few bars or restaurants. Very few eye-catching establishments. But the alley ways were splashed with color. It was a very interesting sight. Click here to purchase this image … Continue reading 1170 Painted Alley

1169 Choo Choo

The partner and I have stopped into one of our favorite small town restaurants for dinner. It is the cutest little bycicle themed place in the tiniest town. The new bike path installed is the draw. The larger city near the tiny town just developed a bike trail. This bike trail runs all the way … Continue reading 1169 Choo Choo

1167 Ice Falls

The waves rolling in at this midwestern waterfall was an amazing sight. There were massive chunks of ice and an abundance of salt foam. The mist felt like glass on my frozen cheeks.  Click here to purchase this image in a variety of forms and to support our creativity.

1163 Mint Doors

Everything about this building made me smile, inside and out. The mint doors lead to a variety of art and design studios and a phenomenal coffee shop. I can’t wait to share the coffee shop images with you. The partner just fell asleep on the phone with me while we were watching Humboldt County. At … Continue reading 1163 Mint Doors