1171 Tagus

Tagus is a North Dakota town claimed to house the stairway to hell. Rumors claim the Lutheran Church became the secret housing of a devil worshiping cult once the town disappeared. Their kind were said to have been drawn to the stairwell. The church has since burnt down, but the screams from hell are still … Continue reading 1171 Tagus

1141 Coffee

There is nothing better than Jim Beam and Starbucks latte mixes. There is also nothing more annoying than hotel wifi that requires you to re-log-in every twenty minutes. Especially when you're trying to enjoy a movie based on one of your favorite Gillian Flynn books. I should have spent my last day off exploring North … Continue reading 1141 Coffee

1165 Red Paint

I couldn’t have been more astounded when I rounded the corner in the direction of the restrooms. The colors from the lights, walls, and posters combine into a beautiful bold image. The open paint can with the brush couldn’t be more perfect. These are the kinds of scenes I live to stumble upon. The excitement … Continue reading 1165 Red Paint

1160 White Rabbit

I will never grow tired of the enchantment that is Alice and Wonderland. A mathematician wrote down a story he’d been telling his best friends daughters over a hundred and fifty years ago. Society is still depicting those stories into modern movies. Simply fascinating. Click here to purchase this image in a variety of forms … Continue reading 1160 White Rabbit

1140 Pub Booths

She stumbled in from two streets down. They had come for her and she knew she couldn’t be there when they arrived. She fled out the side door as they approached through the front. She scurried across the street and into the corner pub. She planned to fit in there. She walked straight down the … Continue reading 1140 Pub Booths

1139 Tamales

The man and the woman shoved the two margaritas down their necks and ordered another round. They ordered dinner as well. She picked at a single tamale while he shoveled. They both drained a second margarita. Click here to purchase this image in a variety of forms and to support our creativity.