1178 Beautiful Geese

Just a bit of silence is what she feels may be needed. Classic rock had filled her ears for the last few hours. She’d always thought this to contribute to her inspiration. Now she looked only to silence. She watched in silence as the geese chased each other up and down the ice islands. Sliding about and doing everything they could to remain upright.

I’m about to max on a lemon pepper pork steak with some jasmine rice. I can’t decide if I want to slather the rice in butter or drown it in soy sauce. These are the life challenges I thoroughly enjoy struggling through.

I wanted to browse into my serial killer book tonight, but I have succumbed to Netflix yet again. I’m devouring a rare lemon pepper pork steak while jasmine rice preps in the rice cooker. I realize in this moment how badly I want this to be the only part of my life. Jobs that interact with others are simply a paid distraction. I need to learn to make them into something else, or learn to avoid them entirely.

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