In 2018 it feels strange to stumble across a town still supporting a working pay phone. I remember living on the west cost over eleven years ago. There were emergency call boxes all along the windy coastal roads and the long stretches of barren desert. I’m not certain on the facts because that would require actual research which is entirely too much like real work and not something I plan to do here. But, I do believe those emergency call boxes would hook you up directly to an emergency responder much like a 911 operator. My guess is their primary use was the sad person who broke down on one of those middle of nowhere roads or the person who took that long curve entirely too wide because slowing down would be a responsible burden and ended up plowing into an oncoming vehicle.

This was no emergency call box. This was a tiny little midwestern town with a real life pay phone in 2018. I know it was a real life pay phone because it began to ring as I was photographing it…….

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