I’ve never understood everyones obsession with clouds. Yeah, they’re cool to look at and all, but so are a whole bunch of other things.

Instagram was an addiction for while. Every cool photo I took got published in hopes of attention and self satisfaction. I’d post what I thought was the sweetest picture of all time only to receive a measly twenty-something likes. But you better believe the decently edited picture of a few puffy clouds would receive fifty or sixty.

Being an anti-social nobody from a nowhere town in the Midwestern United States, fifty something likes on Instagram was a huge deal. But, it always pissed me off when it happened on the boring ole cloud photo and not the cool cluttered back alley or old falling down building that I thought worthy of the public love.

I guess this post proves I’m still a narcissistic sell out desperate for your acceptance and admiration despite my boycotting of instagram. I am only human after all.

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