Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve always had a thing for pick up trucks. We were not farmers, but we lived in a farming community inside a farming county. Trucks were sexy.

I’d purchased a ridiculous convertible the first time I took a management position and had actual income to show for a loan. It was a completely immature decision, but one I was happy with for a couple of years. Then life happened and I needed a cheaper, more fuel efficient vehicle.

The Chevy Cruze was much more fuel efficient. But, it was also ugly, confining, more expensive, and I hated it. Plus the turbo charger took a crap on it before it reached fifty-thousand miles old. Yes, that was covered under warranty, but still.

Right around that same time a couple of life directing events occurred. My brother got a job as a car salesman, and I got a promotion. My promotion required a two month training stint  in a city almost three hours away from my home. I decided to ride out the commute in the crappy old Cruze, and go see my brother once I was back home and set.

Thirty-thousand dollars worth of debt later I am the proud owner of a Maximum Steel Ram truck. I may have to pay a second rent just to drive this thing once a week, but screw responsibility. I get to watch movies on a billboard in the middle of a cornfield while getting eaten alive by mosquitos. That’s totally worth it right?

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