I absolutely love what this photo blog is doing for me. I’m not simply uploading a couple of pictures on instagram and adding the most common hashtags I can think of in hopes of getting upwards of forty likes – because thats a lot for an anti social nobody from a bunch of little nowhere towns in the Midwestern United States. I’m not washing the sink full of dishes or doing laundry for work tomorrow. I’m not sending the list of work emails I’ve committed to, or working on the novel I’ve had the rough draft finished for, for eight months now. Nope, none of that productivity nonsense for me.

Instead I’m editing one photo at a time from the hundreds of stupid shots Ive take while traveling to tiny neighboring towns in an attempt to feel important for a moment. Then I’m uploading them onto a website because they’re just too darn special to rest upon someone else’s platform. Finally, I stare at this and imagine glueing a giant jenga game together in order to create my own table like the one inside this cute little coffee shop while writing a bunch of bullshit I’m hoping you’re bored enough to read.

This place sure did make a delicious cold brew….

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