Traveler’s Coffee House

I stumbled upon one of the most amazing finds one day, after an afternoon of drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid at a convention in Chicago. I’d decided to wander around and explore a coffee shop recommended by a friend.

I was starving to death after an hour or so of rambling and scribbling, so I inquired about a quality meal and decent cocktail choice. This directed me to some amazing fried catfish and crawfish cheesecake.

The bartender recommended a few coffee shops but nothing stuck out. Conversation continued until I shared a photo of a place I’d fallen for a short time back. He stopped suggesting and insisted on the place to see. Boy, was I glad he did.

The owners had decided to open the shop after time spent studying abroad in India. Must be nice to spend months at a time just wandering another country for school. Yes, I’m a little bitter. 

They wanted to bring coffee and travel together with some good food and drink, and that is exactly what they did. The bar menu, coffee menu, and food menu were all extensive. The character was unbelievable.


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