The Real Midwest

I’m doing it again. I always say I can’t write because I don’t have large enough blocks of free time. This is my fifth day off from work in a row and I have a whole page and a half of an original story written. A page and a half hand written in my notebook, not typed. And I have absolutely no work done on my book.

I did manage to waste the last hour or so reading blog articles about writing. They all seem to agree editing and revision are essential. The more you do, the better for the piece. The fact that my novel has been in the first draft stage for the last six months does not follow much of this advice. Neither does saying screw the rewrite I am only six thousand words into, I’ll just publish what I have.

Thank goodness for the internet’s ability to tell me that I need to finish my rewrite and then about eight to thirteen more after that. Now if only I could get the internet to do the revisions for me. Although I don’t think there will ever be a town in the Midwest dedicated to one of my character’s if I wait for that to happen.


2 thoughts on “The Real Midwest

  1. All looks good, Wandering W. Keep on keepin’ on. I always try to bear in mind that when I’m not physically writing, I’m collecting it together in my head. This stuff takes time – but then again, it ain’t gonna write itself! Be good to yourself!

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