Construction @#$Duplicate@#$

I just realized this post was a mistaken duplicate. I decided bail on human contact tonight and opted for complete isolation. I prefer that state of mind which is why I’m trying to teach myself to write/type/create all on my own.

I’m a little stoned and drunk right now with no window to clarity in sight. This is exactly how I would like to live my life indefinitely. BPD creates a fucked up, unhealthy, paranoid, and negative version of reality in the forefront of my mind at all times. I spend my days seeking out dominate distraction from my brain.

I know you’re capable. Your mother has created a dominant control freak who desperately needs to be in charge of even the tiniest of actions and movements, I have spent my whole life experimenting, Testing things, actions, and scenarios, searching for the  perfect result.

He’s finally discovered a use for her……

I’ve wanted to photograph this alley way for almost two years now, but haven’t until just recently. There is no really reason I’ve never photographed it other than it sits about half a block out of the way. Whenever I’ve gone wandering around this particular downtown area, I’ve always forgotten this particular spot as it sits just on the other side of a main road that cuts through the southern edge. My impatience for crosswalks and avoidance of traffic keeps me from that side, so I’ve never happened across it on foot.

I have a beautiful writers bag that was purchased for me, but my need to cram it way too full of books and my laptop have caused the straps to break multiple times. I’ve repaired it a handful, but it’s finally reached the point of no return. Im currently using an old backpack a friend I no longer speak to gave me when I first decided to go back to school five years ago.

I’ve since decided going back to school was a mistake as I Uber and Lyft to help pay off the student loans I racked up while acquiring a degree that has gotten me nowhere and failed to assist me in any way. Which is why I went to a boot and luggage repair shop today in my last attempt to save the leather bag.

I’m not sure where this story was going, or where it is now. However, I love this ally and wish it wasn’t under construction when I brought my bag in for construction. This ally is usually open with a much larger view and a much broader focus upon the three electrical things that sit on that bar running across the roof tops. I’m not sure what todays inconveniencing circumstance indicates, but I’m certain there is a meaning. Or I’m just drunk and looking for one. It’s probably fifty fifty.

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