Creativity Machine

The book still isn’t done, so there really shouldn’t be much bragging happening. However, I did just complete my first fictional short story since all of the chaos that happened five months ago.

I pulled my journal out a couple of days ago because I wanted to write about the amazing brunch I’d gone to. They make crab cake eggs Benedict! I got so excited when the discovery was made that was even a thing. The flavor is something I can’t even begin to rave about adequately. It’s something you’ll just have to experience for yourself.

When I opened my journal to the last entry, the rapid decline in my penmanship caused me to laugh historically. It was clear I’d gotten more hammered than I thought, the night before, and my words were completely un-readable by the middle of the page.  The horrible handwriting and scribbles were too huge not to comment on. I figured I’d beat myself up about it for a little bit before continuing with the new day’s notes. But, when I started, something amazing happened.

Out came a very small bit of brand new creative fiction. Yes, it was extremely short. But, it’s more than I’ve been able to create in such a long time. The best part is how natural it all came out. All on their own words started appearing on my page. I love that feeling so so much.

I can’t wait to share this piece with you. It will publish September 25th. Please let me know what you think of it! I promise it is not a real journal entry. Just a little bit of fiction to get the blood going and the pen a writing. Enjoy!

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