So Many Snacks

Coffee shops are more popular everyday. I love them for their vibrant personalities. They each portray a character all their own. This character attracts people from different walks of life and each of those brings even more character. Each place is a little different everyday simply because the people are a little bit different everyday.

You walk into a coffee shop for coffee. Then you’re distracted by all the different snacks. Do I need a danish in my life today? Or, maybe I need a muffin or a cake pop. It’s so simple to get sucked into the conversations around you, too. The sounds, sights, and smells can be overwhelming. But, they’re exactly why we came to the coffee shop in the first place.

Well, we came to the coffee shop to work. Finish the book that has been waiting the last six months for a rewrite. Or, finish that short story idea you came up with a week ago. Alas, the coffee shop’s so many snacks has you sitting at a table with a macchiato while you pick bites of a blueberry muffin and jot down notes about the couple’s conversation at the table across from you.  Maybe that’s the problem with life too. We’re always distracted because there are just so many snacks.

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