Blue Garage

I started going through pictures on my memory card from about three or four years ago. It’s amazing how horrible most of my pictures look, to me, compared to the ones I’ve taken much more recently.

This blue garage door photo looks cool and all. But, still, the quality is definitely a far way from where I feel I’ve gotten. It’s definitely blurry and distorted compared to the clarity I see in my images now. All of this practice with my images feels like it’s made a huge improvement. Why don’t I feel the same about my writing?

One thought on “Blue Garage

  1. …the eye of the beholder. it’s a lovely, natural composition & the blurring didn’t register. but i know what you mean: sometimes i look at stuff from years ago & think ‘how the hell did i do that?!’ and then sometimes i just think, ‘oh, god!’ maybe photography is more immediate & writing takes time? but, it’s all in…


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