I Forgot to Mention

Coffee shops are just about my favorite things in the whole world. I’m not sure if Ive ever mentioned that before. Today Im sitting at a picnic table on the patio of an adorable little coffee shop in a tiny little town in the midwest. The shop is located on the corner of, what I would imagine, is the tiny little towns only four-way stop intersection.

It feels like I’m currently a modern day version of myself as a child in the tiny little midwestern town I grew up in. The cars filled with nineties hard rock, cigarette smokers, and box hair dyed moms pull up along the stop sign before driving off into or out of town. Just as they did when I was younger and would sit at the bench in front of the train explosion memorial along the stretch of twenty-four that ran through my hometown.

It’s sort of nostalgic really. Except, I can’t get lost in it because this darn coffee shop has a drive through. This drive through has a bell similar to what you’d find at a fire house, only slightly smaller. This bell is hooked up to a wire that causes it to ding twice every time a car drives over it. The bell is located on the damn patio for some reason and this coffee shop is popular.

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