So Close Yet, So Far Away

I will always love images where the photographer met the ground in order to catch the shot. There is nothing more immersive than throwing yourself on a dirt road or a set of railroad tracks to become one with your shot. There is also nothing more comparable to how I feel about my life than the result of that shot.

Picture my work life and the job I work as the picnic table I rested my camera against to capture this shot. The goal is retirement and travel which is imagery represented by the trees and green shoreline.

Life is the lake. My goals to become a writer are the wood and youtube videos set up behind me. Those would build a sailboat for me to coast across to the shore. You don’t see those here because I am way to self-conscious to stop procrastinating on my book rewrite.

What you do see, is the job and career life consuming the entirety of life journey to retirement, stopping just short of the end. This is the path I’m on right now. I want to learn how to turn around and build my sail boat.

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