There Are Many

Have you ever sat back and wondered how many would be willing to clean your toilet and shower for a hot meal? Have you ever sat back and realized how many would scour your kitchen an bath for an opportunity to sleep in your garage. Has it ever fallen upon you to realize how many, in the world, would gladly detail your entire home for two pieces of toast.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like shit as I type this out on a computer while others who work much harder than I go without necessities. This is the part that kills me. No one who is willing to work his hardest should ever go without his reasonable wants-in my mind.

-DO NOT comment on this post to tell me how I am grammatically incorrect or my punctuation is wrong. I come from an underfunded and uneducated educate system. However, I promise the rules of writer are really unimportant when it comes to the scheme of things.

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