Pumpkins are amazing. They’re the best colors and shapes, and everything pumpkin-flavored is phenomenal. This month is usually my favorite, and usually my happiest time. I love the weather and I love that all of the haunted things I love are readily available.

What I don’t love is someone so hateful they would try to personally attack my employment. I shouldn’t use this platform to complain. I want to talk about my writing and my narcissistic rants. I want this platform to help me gain the confidence to finish my book.

Unfortunately, things at work have caused me to lose the job that I used to inspire most of my writing. I’m stuck in a stagnant position with my book because I had to walk away from its inspiration.

This is why my upcoming cemetery trip is so necessary. With everything happening right now, I need to create something new. I can’t perform on the book right now because its inspiration was cut so short. I cannot allow that to end me. I’ve got to reach for a new story and start something new. Please help me with encouragement so I have the confidence to do what needs to be done.

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