I stopped into one of our local burger joint today after an Uber shift because I was in the mood for a good fish sandwich. Once my order had been placed with the rather sexy Italian bartender, I pulled a novel from my bag and began to read while I sipped my iced water with lemon.

The water gave me a chill, so I hunched over my book and made myself as compact as possible. The hostess came by after about three and a half pages and asked what I was reading. I picked the book up and turned it so the cover faced her.

She squinted her eyes and leaned forward as she sounded out the title, ” Thhhhheeee Shinnnnning by Sssssstephen King.” Once she’d finished, she looked up at me with curiosity and excitement. “Is that a new one,” she asked.

My heart broker for her lack of exposure to such a beautiful Jack Nicholson experience. “No,” I laughed. “It’s really really old.” That’s when I realized how old I was in the situation. Sad Sad day. Guess I should have been working on my book.

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