Back Alley

Yes, I should be writing my book right now, not writing another blog post. But, we’ve already established that I’m the worlds worst procrastinator so lets move on. I discovered this amazing website yesterday while checking out some of the cool websites ran by some of the beautiful people who’ve recently enjoyed some of my content.

This site allows artists to upload their work. Then people can order things like coffee cups, pillows, sticker, and clothing printed with the artists image. It’s amazingly cool, and even though I actually pulled my book out today and began reading, I’m probably going to spend the next three hours uploading my previous blog photos to this site. I’m also most likely going to order a pair of Wood and Armor leggings and quite possibly a miniskirt.

Comment bellow if there is a certain image I’ve shared that you would love to have printable, and I’ll make sure to get that up right away for you!

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