Life is as serendipitous as this beautiful bed in the woods. I’ve spent the last four to six months exhausting every possible motivator to get me going on my book again. I put off starting an anonymous blog for over half that time.

I excused it as an unnecessary distraction because I was scared of banking on strangers to like my work. My work is only my work, if you have no idea who I am as a person. If you love me, your bias. Having that is a comfort you loose when you go anonymous. That’s a tad bit terrifying.

I’m well aware a good majority of my followers are simply networking. However, I believe at least one of you genuinely enjoys some form of the content I share. That love has given me the confidence to work on my book yet again. That’s two nights in a row, and one after an eleven hour shift at work.

You all have been so impactful in my success that I want to share a segment from my book with you tomorrow. Going forward, I would love to share what you would like. If there is a phot you want order able, let me know. If you want to see more of the book, let me know. More cemetery pictures, let me know! Get the gist? By all means, comment below or email me directly at

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