Little Dog

The partner and I explored a new midwestern town yesterday, and I came to the painful realization that winter is upon us. I snapped as many photos as I could to pad the collection for hibernation. Sadly, the area was quite limited on street art. 

However, here is an adorable little dog for us to all share. His little blue bow is the icing on this cuteness cake, in my opinion. I of course should be writing, but editing photos is a tad more conducive to my current short attention span. 

I’m hoping to spend the evening creating more flash fiction like the piece shared yesterday. I’d love to hear any thoughts or opinions you have on that piece, by the way, so don’t be shy! For now, Ive got a pot of crab legs on the stove to boil and a mug of hot coffee with a healthy dose of whiskey in it to get me into the zone. 

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