The Canon DSR’s shutter opened and closed several more times as the haze covered the sun again and the red and amber glow of the brick faded to a molded grey in it’s images.  Charlie felt comfort in the weight of the camera hanging from his neck as it dropped back to his chest. His knee popped and his groan echoed against the empty space surrounding him as he stood back up. 

Tuck headlamps illuminated the dilapidated building with a white glow when Charlie hit the unlock button on the key fob he pulled from his pocket. The burning in the tips of Charlie’s ears and nose intensified as he walked across an open field to the parking lot.  

Shadows grew in darkness and size while the trucks door remained open. Charlie tucked his Canon into the padded case he keeps on the floorboard behind the drivers seat. He felt his fingers begin to thaw the moment he slid them into his father’s snow plow gloves. 

Charlie looped his right hand under the rope loop. There was a heavy grunt from Charlie and a soft thud before the slam of the truck’s door. Then there was silence followed shortly by darkness once the trucks headlights were off. Moments of silence passed before it was disrupted by the scratchy sound of fabric dragging across broken pavement and the staggered thud of strained boot steps. Copy–Laura Elizabeth

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