Gated Sight

I remember the first western movie I ever watched like it was yesterday. I snuck down from my attic bedroom late one Saturday night, after everyone had fallen asleep. The glow from my fathers TV illuminated the hallway with a blue hue while the deep growls of his snore radiated off the walls. 

I crept barefoot through the living room while my toes became numb against the cold of the hard wood floor. The movie tower was on the opposite side of the front door, but I knew exactly what I was after and where it was. Once it was snatched, I tip-toe-hopped all the way back two my stairwell. 

Stairs were leapt three at a time on my way up. Then I carefully inserted the Tombstone VHS into th built in VCR in my 13inch bedroom tv. I’d gotten it for Christmas that year and was patiently awaiting Christmas for cable. Meanwhile I spent my evenings sneaking blood guts and gore whenever I could. And I’m still your Huckleberry…..

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