Red on the Corner of Race

I definitely hit the red light on my creative energy today. Although, it may not be entirely a bad thing. I always remembered my father watching unsolved mysteries and sixty minutes while growing up as a child. And he got into full conspiracy shows once ancient aliens came out and the internet became widely used to spread ideas. Which is probably why I picked up a bargain priced unsolved mystery book on one of my more recent bookstore visits.

The book made it into my travel bag yesterday, and I pulled it out in the office this morning. (By office I actually mean the bed I’ve spent the entire day in.) After a binge on some Chinese food I decided to fill a hot epsom salt bath and brought the mysteries in as my reading material. So far, I’m trying to wrap my head around the city of Atlantis being nothing more than people actualizing Plato’s Science Fiction Armageddon Novel based on a naturally occurring local disaster. Do we have any fictional stories in existence today that could end up like that in 2,000 years?

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