Rock Tower

I took an extremely long bath today in hopes to free my mind. I did so while barreling through a book I recently purchased on the unsolved mysteries of the world. I learned that an entire society may have envisioned the existence of Atlantis because of a well respected member of society’s futuristic and fictional writing of a SciFi novel based on extreme circumstances experienced by a neighboring member of society.

This begs the question. How many of Stephen Kings writings will be left as mysteries in our world 3,000 years from now. Will people then be so distant from the concept of fiction that congregations will be devoted to the protection of individuals from vintage cars and NightWalkers. Will people resume their high regard for cats to protect against fiends as it was in Egyptian times. 

Is this what actually happened prior to that Egyptian wave of thought process? Does history repeat itself in that fashion? Or am I just fucked up enough to contemplate a new thought concept? That is so egotistical in its verbiage that I feel it’s obvious that is not the case.

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