1130 Monster in the Window

I’ve found myself in a frustration again. The asshole at my job–the one who threw the big fit about people putting in their hours–was pissy with me today because I left 30 minutes before my shift was supposed to start. Yes, 30 minutes before.

I came in an hour early to get everything ready so I could pick up the Olive Garden I’d ordered for the crew on this busy day. He was pissed I was worried about the crew because they had so much prep to do. Prep that should have been done yesterday, but this particular “work your hours”-guy decided not to work on Friday.

I would give anything to work for myself and my own efforts. I’m determined to gain self sufficiency through my art, images, and words. Thank you for reading my annoyed rant, dedicated followers. Please enjoy this adorable monster in the window!

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