1138 The Red Pub

I was listening to a talk show on the radio today. The host was angry and shared his hate for the band “Creed.” He hates them because they hid the fact that they were a christian band in order to sell records.

This successful radio group felt justified condemning a group of people for hiding who they are in order to make a profit. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I empathize with their mindset. but, Ive always understood the need to pay bills and be able to afford groceries.

Society has ruined religion and christianity, not “Creed.” Who can fault them for needing to separate themselves from a tainted friend in order to pay the rent?

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2 thoughts on “1138 The Red Pub

  1. About the Red Pub post. I agree. If a rock band is Christian they should admit it, but they likely won’t, and even if they did, many would say that’s a hoax anyway. After all, all rock stars are “devil worshipers” right? (Can’t do sarcasm font). That’s one reason I wrote my Prodigal Band Trilogy. https://omegabooksnet.com


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