1153 House on the Hill

The partner and I started watching “Murder Mountain” tonight, on Netflix. It makes me quite disappointed in the number of places I failed to explore while I lived in Imperial Beach, CA. This regret ensures I never miss a chance to split from the beaten path. The partner ensures the same. This gorgeous shot is a tribute to a random exit from the interstate and a few turns to follow brick roads and elevation. What I wouldn’t give to relive the last thirteen years with the knowledge I have now.

I recently finished reading Black House by Stephen King and Perter Straus. This image makes me wonder about a story similar to the last eighty pages or so of that book. Something mingled with that and the glass house in Thirteen Ghosts. They say great artists steal. I just want to mold the best parts of everything scary into a complete mind melt. I would also love to warm the insides of a home like this and make them my own. 

The partner and I have been dipping our toes into the realm of first time home buyers. Maybe I’ll be able to share photos of things just like that with you all sometime soon. Although my recent truck purchase will probably eliminate that possibility. I am so darn good at screwing myself over with poor decision making.

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