1156 Glass Pub

This bar was absolutely amazing. I met a man who was from the town I was headed. Turns out the restaurant I was headed to was his families favorite. He came in my second day there. It was such an honor to provide them with dessert to take home. 

I just set up a Dogecoin Core full wallet. I feel like I’m either on to something great, or the butt of a really great joke. Time shall reveal. I’ve also just put a fresh coil in m vape, and it tastes like a little pice of heaven!! 

This image is almost as amazing as the experience accompanied by it’s capture. I love the social settings alcohol and design bring together. My inability to learn self control inhibits my responsible enjoyment of this experience. Everyone in a while I find myself in a brief add for it as I capture a moment like this, and those experiences are priceless. 

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