What Do You Think

Okay, dedicated supporters.

I need to know your opinion of the new website structure. I have a couple of great ideas. They will help me share some really cool info with you. I’m hoping they also facilitate some creativity. But, you are the important opinions.

At the end of the day, I live to make you happy. What do you think of the new layout? Are you open to some new ideas? Or, would you prefer things had stayed the way they were?

There will be three new images shared every week. Those images will always be available on RedBubble. The goal of this extra piece is to grow as a writer and a character. But, I do it all for you. So, I want to know what you think of it all, dedicated supporters. Share your thoughts!


The three images you are going to get to experience next are some of my favorites. They were a product of the job sending me fifteen hours from home to help a location out.

The experience was worth so much, for my partner and I together and for myself as an individual. I am so thankful for everything this job has given me. I will do everything I can to keep it, despite those who seem to make my disapearnece their mission.


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