1154 Limestone Hole

1154 Limestone Hole

Three shifts left in North Dakota. Three shifts left of my seven straight. All before my sixteen hour drive home. I feel like walking into the door of my house will be like bursting through this limestone retaining wall. 

I love this image. The second home from the right is fascinating. I imagine myself writing a murder story at a large oak desk in front of the three windows overlooking the hill from the tower. Then I imagine a story of the homes inhabitants. There is an abundance of inspiration in this photo.

How have I made it thirty-three years without knowledge of Humboldt County?

Also. Completely random. I have been going through last years notebooks recently. I’m working on putting all of my notes into the correct categories in scrivener. That way they’re all handy with my book. In doing so, Ive discovered something important. If you want legible notes that last. Use micron pens and moleskin notebooks. Almost everything written with a different medium is completely illegible at this point due to bleeding and or fading. 

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