1161 Blue Sky Bridge

1161 Blue Sky Bridge

I want to be an amazing manager, capable of empowering everyone I encounter to be the best they can be, and encourage them to push that boundary daily. I also want to push those standards and motivations upon myself with this website. 

My goal is to get back into the creativity mode, but my brain is not there right now. It is switched to the structured productive mode because I have a lot of personal connection goals to achieve and boundaries to overcome. 

The achievement of these goals will provide the meat to my novel. I have 80,000 words written about the actions of robots. There is no emotion because I am far too disconnected from the human emotions of others. These work goals will teach me the craft, and my reduction in blog work will provide the time to practice the craft.

Click here to purchase this image in a variety of forms and to support our creativity.

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