1172 Nightmare Hotel

There was a bargain book at Barnes and Noble the other day, and there was no way I could pass it up. I probably would have paid as much as thirty-five dollars for this little treasure, so it was definitely going home for a measly $6.98. Serial Killers – Inside the Minds of the Most Monstrous Murderers. This is exactly the type of book I think of when I look at this image. Right after I stop picturing Jack Nicholson smiling through a hole in the bathroom door he’d recently created with an axe.

I picture a woman running through the turnstile while a stout man with a knife wanders through the side door. She trips over the extension of the sectional while she scampers to the base of the stair well. He makes his way slowly behind her as she scrambles to her feet. She trips again at the bas of the stairs. He buries his axe into the second step as it splits her head in two. Her mother said those heels would be the death of her.

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