Yes to Scrivener

It’s official. The masses were correct. Scrivener was worth every cent. It was also worth every effort to move my book over. The organizational capabilities are mind blowing. I just pulled out a journal from last year to input some notes I want to utilize.

We spent the day house shopping. I’m not sure what part of that caused me to dive into the project I’ve been subconsciously and drunkenly avoiding for the past few months. But, I’m all about it!

Side note, how the hell do you design and build a house without a back door? We looked at one today that I absolutely fell in love with. It needed a fence and carpet. It also needed windows, cabinet work and love. But, it was so spacious and beautiful. The neighborhood was great. There was a little kid on his bike who asked if we were going to lie there. I was so excited to say, “maybe.” Then I discovered there was no back door.

I instantly envisioned having to wake up at seven A.M. I do this already, but it involves opening the back door out of the kitchen. Then walking to the bathroom. I pee, then head back to the kitchen and put a cartridge in the kuerig. Once the coffee has finished I splash in some coconut milk, open the back door again, and the beagle and I head back to bed.

But, what does 7 A.m. look like when you have to hook a leash on a beagle to bring him out the front door. You have to let him think your bringing him on an adventure of exploration. The excitement and the ridiculous behavior. Then you simply drop him into the back yard? This will simply not work for life. Not for you, not for him.

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