1176 Midwestern Bear

1176 Midwestern Bear

“The closer cheese smells to dead animals or dirty feet, the better it tastes.” I love RAD Radio because of statements like that. That radio show got the partner and I through a snowstorm in the Northern-Midwest this spring. This little town was a stop off for us to take a break from the strain, and to have a few drinks. I thought this little grizzly bear statue was just the coolest thing. 

Did you know Hanibal Lector was created based upon the facts of Albert Fish? Albert Fish was 64 years old when he was arrested. Psychiatrists claim Fish tried and enjoyed every perversion known to humanity. 

Talk about a life not wasted. I only hope to live a life half as experimental. Who knows how many times we live or what we can experience. To me, this is the story of a man who discovers a joy and decided to live life to the fullest. Oh the places my brain goes from here. 

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