Red Bubble

Are you guys familiar with It is a wonderful site that allows artists to offer their work for sale. Having art printed onto useful items that people want to buy can be costly, normally. The items have to be purchased before the artist is certain people will buy them. RudBubble takes that expensive risk out of the circle for the artist.

We can upload our images to RedBubble. you can pick out the cell phone case you want. Select the legging size you desire. They all end up in your shopping cart. When you click “buy”, RedBubble submits an order for that item with that image. They do enough bulk orders between all of us to allow an affordable production. They send you your items, and they send us a check for the profit and an invoice for the cost.

This process allows artists to focus on their art. Obviously we must still spend a lot of time telling you about our products. we must market for ourselves. But, this allows us that many steps closer to the day when all of our time can be spent creating, without starving to death or becoming homeless.

I apologize for the marketing post. My brain is too occupied for the creative writing piece. I am also spending a lot more time on my book edit. This has led to an abundance of photo editing. I want to make sure you all know what is available. The quicker the world falls in love with my products, the quicker I can write and create full time!

The above products, and more, are available on out RedBubble account, here.

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