1189 Decrepit Midwest

1189 Decrepit Midwest

Earnest Hemingway has been keeping me company lately. I picked up a complete collection of his short stories from a used bookstore a long while back. I’m not quite sure why, but I pulled it from my collection a couple days back and dove right in. 

“The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,” was the first short story in the collection. I fell in love with it. The story takes place on an African safari and involves a man, his wife, and the professional hunter meant to lead their big game hunting safari. The ending has quite the fun little twist.

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One thought on “1189 Decrepit Midwest

  1. Like this pic. I am from Midwest. I once worked at a lunch counter he supposedly frequented in Petoskey. Heard he was usually drunk, and rarely talked, so not much to tell. That picture to me clearly says Midwest. Very nice, I find it familiar and comforting.

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