1179 Abandoned Beauty

1179 Abandoned Beauty

The moss that grows upon it’s roof is a sign of life on the dead corpse that used to be a home. It provides growth to the decaying structure as it reaches it’s hands up to the sky and the freedom it prays lies within the stretch of it’s reach. 

I’m back to watching Netflix again. Although, the more I stare at this picture, the more I feel that is a mistake. This image is of a dead cell. Of the past that haunts us. The dead past that will disappear from life if we simply cut the ties. 

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One thought on “1179 Abandoned Beauty

  1. 😂 well then, i guess you did watch too much Netflix. Another perspective might be that new growth is significantly linked to the foundations in our past… and letting ourselves sink in is good sometimes. A plant wisely sucks the very last bits out before dropping the browned leaf, equally a sign of growth and potential as the neon spring moss flooding over this abandoned house. Also, I really like the color of the moss in this pic.

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