1207 Walk the Path

1207 Walk tthePath

I had a segment written for this image. It was an appreciation of the path my life is on. This was written prior to me being terminated from the job Ive devoted the last six years of my life to. I deleted that text out of anger and spite.

I regret that decision now, as I still believe I am on the right path. I experienced some great things through my restaurant management career. I got to travel to new places. I got to meet new faces. I am not cut out for the job.

My writing and I are both excited about my leap back in to the day to day ass kissing that is serving and bartending. It’s what I know and it is what I’m good at. Everything else makes my head hurt. 

I just hope I get to go back to the little pub I quit last year. I made a mistake when I chose management over that place. They appreciated me there and I was happy. If nothing else, I hope this has taught me money isn’t everything. 

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