Random Nothingness

The partner and I got up around 9:30am after being up until 5am last night. We both closed the bar down together. I made dinner when we got home, and we went to bed sober. That will not be the case tonight.

I made breakfast this morning. Then we took the boat out. It stormed until about 1:15, so we sat in the parking lot for a while. I The partner took a nap and I snooped. I know I shouldn’t do things like that. It feels like the whole world hates me, at times. A peak at the messages in my partner’s phone reminds me that no-one else is talking about me. 

We ended up killing the engine somehow. We were only on the water for twenty minutes of real boating. It’s still four times the five minutes we made it out last time. The partner is confident we shall quadruple that time again on our next trip. I’m not sure about all that. But, I do believe our skills will develop. 

I made dinner once we got home. Then the partner and I headed out to the local beverage depo for some cheap bourbon. We’re on the couch now. The partner’s working on the website while I talk to you and we both watch Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. 

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