Dedicated Supporters

1215 Purple Snow Storm.JPEG

My life feels a lot like this snowstorm the partner and I survived.

Dedicated Supporters,

You have been the best support anyone could ask for. I beg for your compassion yet again as I man the rapids of my life. The recent career change has blessed me with the free mind which I craved, but it has left me short on time. 

Writer is my ambition. Bartender is my natural role in life. I am a much better party host than attendee. I stay sober, and I make money instead of spending it.

The conversations in a bar are beyond grand and the writing material is so deep you could swim in it. I long to spend every moment on laps in my pool of thought. 

Time is a commodity much more difficult to afford on a bartender’s budget. Which is why RamblingNomad.Life will no longer operate on a post schedule. Photos will still publish to Instagram. All of our clothing and home accessory items will still be available on RedBubble. 

Now that I must become a better spender of my time, posts will come from a more creative space. They will reach you when they have been built from the pieces I pull from my unearthed  lake of inspiration.

I plead with you to continue your support. Do not loose faith in me. Please provide feedback as we do share. This will only help our growth. 

Thank you so much.


Wandering Writer


The above products, and more, are available on our RedBubble Page, here.

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