I’ve Missed You, Dedicated Supporters

I knew my financial career had met it’s end. While I faced the firing squad, I chose to hide from all of you. That has been my mistake. I realize this as I have not produced an original piece since.

You all create the confidence I need to invent new content. I build from you and the people I encounter and experience. I have learned I am nothing without you. Thank you for your assistance on my path to back on track.

My recent trip to San Fransisco has removed quite a few curtains from my interpretation of the world. I hid from you all, dedicated supporters. I did this because I was ashamed. I felt my job was soon to vacate. I blamed this on my own incompetence. I’m not sure that was placed with a fairness in its entirety.

Regardless, I need you all back, dedicated supporters. I need your help. I need your support. You are my therapy, and my writing prompt



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