1091 Small Town Mid West

Ottis is a small town in the Midwestern United States. The buildings are vacant and vintage. The citizens are old and dying. The youth has long since moved away. 

There is a dog in the town of Ottis. His master was among the young who fled in search of a town with more life and vitality. Dogs did not help with moves. Apartments were not fond of dogs. It was decided the dog would stay behind. 

There is an old man who resides in the dying town of Ottis. The old man spent his years as a cashier at the local restaurant. The local restaurant closed some ten years back. 

The owner’s wife took ill. He sold their home and their restaurant. She passed in a city hospital two states over. He never came back. 

The old man who lives in Ottis and worked as a cashier at the town’s only restaurant never married. He never fathered children. He spends his summer afternoons seated on the steps outside his old restaurant. The old dog finds him there most days. The two of them share the silence while they watch the dust blow by.


The partner and I took a trip to the southern tip of our state two years ago in order to experience a once in a life time eclipse. We had an amazing time together. We visited every little town that we could before showtime. It was a photography dream come true.

This little gem caught my attention this afternoon. I decided to play with it a bit and this is the piece that developed. I decided to share it with you, dedicated followers. I would love to know your thoughts. I also uploaded this image to RedBubble tonight, so feel free to check out the shop. Thank you again for you continued support.

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