Uplifting Dumb Doggy

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Uplifting Dumb Doggy

“Dumb Doggy” is a comic book concept I have batted around within my soul for the past couple of months. The partner recently decided to invent his own dog brew for the bar we work at together. This dog brew is a hearty bone broth we can offer to patrons for their beloved pooches during patio season.

I took this opportunity to bring the “Dumb Doggy” concept to light in a graphic ad design for his dog brew. Once he had what he wanted, I edited the image to fit my concept.

“Dumb Doggy” is still in developmental phase. This is still a debut, and nothing less. Please leave your comments and opinions as I learn what “Dumb Doggy” actually looks like. Also, feel free to check out stickers and goods in my RedBubble store if you’d like to support my creativity.

I wander, scribble, doodle, and rant. The world is full of experiences and I aspire to enjoy them all. The life of a bartender is an interesting one. The life of a writer is a goal. Let us see if the two can become one.

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