1200 Street Lamp

The partner and I are watching Taxi Driver. I have always loved this movie. It is Clarice Starling’s first encounter with a psychopathic worshiper. I also believe it laid the skeletal design for American Psycho. This theory is supported by both authors working together on a shark movie later in their careers.  The above image … Continue reading 1200 Street Lamp

1202 Red Tower

This picture feels like a prison. Or a sadistic adult version of Repunzle. I’m not quite sure which. I’m on the second episode of “Stranger Things.” I wonder if she feels like she’s trapped in this tower when he closes that closet door. I also wonder what the hell this tower is used for. It’s … Continue reading 1202 Red Tower

1204 Roof Floor

The roof that you are looking at was a tiny little dive restaurant in our small Midwestern town. It was a bit of a hidden gem that took me two years to discover. I wish I’d taken the time for more internal photographs and writing time. It was truly a gem. They have since purchased … Continue reading 1204 Roof Floor