1180 Work Alley

Again, I'm sorry. Obsessed with alley ways!!! The sky in North Dakota seems to have  it’s own blue. Even on the couple of days it snowed the sky was a brilliant blue I’ve only ever seen in the ocean near Maui. I miss my time in both places. I wish I’d been much further into … Continue reading 1180 Work Alley


I have spent a good amount of my recent time developing content for this blog. I’ve redesigned a yearly goal book to work with. I have set myself up for success. Yet I continue to hide from the task at hand. Photos have been edited. Social media presences have been grown. Yet my creative flow … Continue reading Jupes


I began laying the framework for my tracks when I started my initial website thee years ago. I had to eliminate that site because of its connection to me as a real person. Laura’s character has been realized as a recent creator to find a way around this. We are still developing her persona and … Continue reading Tracks