Drain Pipe

Love cures all huh? I just got my job threatened by a superior to my superior because I refuse to move an hour and a half away for no upward movement or salary increase. There’s no way in hell it would be worth it for me to do that, she definitely made it sound as … Continue reading Drain Pipe

Twin Chairs

I was writing like crazy for a solid ten minutes. Then I decided to schedule a blog post. Then the need arose to spend forty minutes on social media. Now it’s an hour later and I still have only accomplished the same two paragraphs on my book. Distractions are the worlds favorite addiction.  

Blue Dog

I just scrapped a crater out of my face because I’m completely fucked up and insecurities are my best friends. This local little dog piece of #StreetArt evaded me for two years because my social anxiety disorders require me to have a companion in order to function. Each new companion provides an entirely different experience. … Continue reading Blue Dog


I have spent a good amount of my recent time developing content for this blog. I’ve redesigned a yearly goal book to work with. I have set myself up for success. Yet I continue to hide from the task at hand. Photos have been edited. Social media presences have been grown. Yet my creative flow … Continue reading Jupes