1178 Beautiful Geese

Watching Mara on Netflix. I just went to Walmart for more whiskey and wasted another $3 on office supplies I definitely didn’t need. But, they are super cool paperclip flags. I’m excited to use them. But, at the end of the day, I could have easily used some of the old super cool post it … Continue reading 1178 Beautiful Geese

1131 One-oh-Two and a Half Antique Corner

Consumed by denial the antique shop owner attempted to reattach his dead wife’s shoulder, at the ribcage. Meanwhile, the tattered old LA Dodgers hat swirled in the wind before compressing through the mail slot in the door of one-oh-two and a half antique corner.  - Sebastian Monroe Click here to purchase this image in a … Continue reading 1131 One-oh-Two and a Half Antique Corner