I’ve read several articles that state one should never edit their work until it is complete. I am fearfully of this because I am on my sixth rewrite of a book who’s storyline is still vastly incomplete. The words seem to flow with greater ease after every pass, so it can’t be entirely harmful. Although, … Continue reading Orpheum

Twin Chairs

I was writing like crazy for a solid ten minutes. Then I decided to schedule a blog post. Then the need arose to spend forty minutes on social media. Now it’s an hour later and I still have only accomplished the same two paragraphs on my book. Distractions are the worlds favorite addiction.  


Journey I was so thankful when we stumbled upon this little park a short time back. The leaves had just begun to change and the temperature had just begun to dip. Photographing this bridge gave me the feeling of discovering my own journey, the feeling of truly seeing a path and direction. This photo allows … Continue reading Journey

Blue Dog

I just scrapped a crater out of my face because I’m completely fucked up and insecurities are my best friends. This local little dog piece of #StreetArt evaded me for two years because my social anxiety disorders require me to have a companion in order to function. Each new companion provides an entirely different experience. … Continue reading Blue Dog


I have spent a good amount of my recent time developing content for this blog. I’ve redesigned a yearly goal book to work with. I have set myself up for success. Yet I continue to hide from the task at hand. Photos have been edited. Social media presences have been grown. Yet my creative flow … Continue reading Jupes