A Day For Change

The state of the world and the uncertainty of tomorrow have successfully added twenty-five pounds to my figure and subtracted all faith in my future. Today, I learned nature's true ability to restore lost faith and hope. I also came to terms with how much I've cheated myself lately. The partner and I were able … Continue reading A Day For Change


Journey I was so thankful when we stumbled upon this little park a short time back. The leaves had just begun to change and the temperature had just begun to dip. Photographing this bridge gave me the feeling of discovering my own journey, the feeling of truly seeing a path and direction. This photo allows … Continue reading Journey

Rock’s Edge

She scampered ahead of him with the camera to her face. She sensed his desire for permanency and the entrapment terrified her. She hoped scampering just out of cupid's range would save her from the need to toss him over the rock’s edge. -L.I.E.