Harbor Bar

Madness is quite curious. So is Stephen Kings continual Alice references. I’ve stopped into Gwierdo’s for lunch this cold January afternoon. Crispy chicken nachos and a hot Baileys and coffee felt like a must. It’s struck the desire to write, which is quite spectacular.  By the way, I love this picture so much, and just … Continue reading Harbor Bar


Journey I was so thankful when we stumbled upon this little park a short time back. The leaves had just begun to change and the temperature had just begun to dip. Photographing this bridge gave me the feeling of discovering my own journey, the feeling of truly seeing a path and direction. This photo allows … Continue reading Journey


Billiards The partner is snoring to my left as a enjoy a feel good flick on Netflix. He believes me to fit an image which discludes films of this nature. I enjoy watching them in secret. My first full night back home after a months work travel seems the perfect opportunity to enjoy this moment … Continue reading Billiards